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Sron Rubha Na Gaoithe Shell Midden (13434)

Current Priority
Site Type
Shell Midden

Shell midden visible c.1m below top of eroding c.6m high dune face. Very concentrated shell including (in descending frequency) dominant winkle, whelk, mussel, limpet, along with frequent fish bone (from small to haddock-sized) and rare animal bone, contained within a mid-grey organic sand matrix which also contains charcoal flecks and possibly peat ash. Single fragment of baked clay and Fe metalwork noted. Rare small flat stones 0.1m diameter also visible. Midden is c.0.6m thick, with 2 distinct layers, and is visible for a length of at least 15m. Associated with an old ground surface. Layers of shell midden are visible further down the eroding face, possibly slumping from above. Sits on the edge of a slight mound on the dune behind the coast edge, otherwise no obvious surface expression in the hinterland.

Condition and current recommendations:


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2nd October, 2016 by EllieSCHARP
Survey Information
Oct. 2, 2016
Tidal state:
Site located?:
Condition Information
Proximity to coast edge:
coast edge
Coastally eroding?:
active sea erosion; active wind erosion (in dunes only)
Is there a coastal defence?:
Other threats?:
animal burrows

Midden comprised of highly concentrated winkle, whelk, limpet and mussell shell in a mid-grey organic sand matrix with charcoal flecks. Frequent fish bone, haddock sized and smaller. Animal bone rare, crab/lobster rare. 1 piece of daub-like baked clay noted. 1 diamond-shaped fe object recovered from section - but may be intrusive. Rare peices of small flat stone approx. 10cm in diametre. There appears to be two distinct layers of shell midden located approx.1m below the top of the dune. Furtehr layers of midden lower down the section may be slumped material or the same layers sloping down the natural slope of the dune. The midden occupies a slight rise but there are no sign of any related surface features in the hinterland. A very similar eroding shell midden [Site 13435] is located approx. 200m to the east.

Management Information
How visible are the remains? (above ground):
not visible
How visible are the remains? (in section):
clearly visible in section
How accessibile is the site?:
accessible on foot (no footpath)
The site is:
is not locally known
Comments and recommendations

Possibly medieval or early modern.


Priority 2. Targeted cleaning and recording of the section. Sampling to ascertain date.