Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

The issue

Find out what's recorded in your area
Find out what's recorded in your area

Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys of around 40% of Scotland’s coast have recorded over 12,000 archaeological sites and remains. However, because the coast is so dynamic, it is impossible to keep up to date with what is being revealed or destroyed. It is also clear that parts of Scotland are experiencing rapid coastal change as a result of changing weather patterns and an increase in the frequency and severity of storms. Whether or not this can be linked directly with climate change, we need to act now to rescue information from some of Scotland’s finest archaeological sites before it is too late.

The project

SCAPE developed Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project so that we could involve more people to more effectively tackle this important national issue. Our philosophy is that eroding coastal heritage provides opportunities for anyone to enjoy and benefit from taking part in archaeological and historical exploration and discovery. 

The  project will run until 2016 and is generously funded and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland, the Crown Estate and the University of St Andrews